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Animal Proofing

Is your home or building constantly invaded by animals such as rodents, bats, squirrels or birds?  Our animal proofing services will properly repair any damages done and keep unwanted animals out.

We first will do an inspection of your home including the attic, basement, crawl spaces, roof and exterior foundation to help identify the animal, locate entry points and estimate the time needed to make repairs.  Once a plan of action is determined, we will animal proof your home or building by sealing any possible holes, gaps or cracks to prevent further access.  All of our animal proofing repairs are done with animal resistant materials and will be done right the first time with high quality workmanship and skill.

If you want to repair existing damage done by nuisance animals or simply want to prevent animal damage, call us at 480.945.2116 and ask about our animal proofing services today!